Safety Advice For Face Painting

Kids love it and even some adults do if the situation is right. It is fun, entertaining and is an easy way to get a smile out of someone while doing something a little different. The best thing about it, it is not permanent! What is the thing that both kids and adults alike can enjoy? It is face painting.

A Fun Attraction For Any Event

Face painting has become all the rage kids entertainment at not only birthday parties but also special events and fairs where kids are going to be attending. There are those that say adults who prep their faces for sporting events are also enjoy face painting, but traditional one’s done at kids’ parties can be done on a variety of levels. There are artists who can do entire faces or maybe just put a smaller design on the child’s face, such as a butterfly, car, flower, or perhaps a mask of sorts around the eyes. Whatever type of designs they do, these artists need to follow certain safety tips to ensure there are no problems.

Face Painting Safety Tips

– Keep it Clean – Regardless of the type of materials that are used, it is essential that all brushes and sponges are kept clean and sanitized.

– Keep Yourself Clean – In between each child/adult painted, wash your hands. For added protection for both you and your next face to paint, use a hand sanitizer.

– Use Appropriate Paints – Not all paints are created equal. Make sure you purchase paints specifically for skin and the face. “Non-toxic” is not a way of saying it is OK to use on skin. Watercolor markers, craft paints and similar may be washable, but are not safe for the skin.

– Glitter Free – When it comes to the glitter unless you are using cosmetic sized glitter, which is.008 microns or smaller, do not use it. Using improper glitter can irritate the skin or make its way into the eyes.

– Safety First – Do not paint the face of a child or adult who appears to be sick, has open wounds or sores or even has acne. Face painting can irritate these skin conditions. Either paint a non-irritated area of the face or have an alternative, such as stickers on hand.

– Be Comfortable – Face painters can spend hours painting faces at parties. Ensure you have a comfortable chair to sit in and wear comfortable shoes. For those standing, protect your back.

Face painting is a fun and exciting activity to have at any child’s party. If you are the face painter, make sure you pay attention to the tips above to ensure the best experience possible for you and the kids.