Purified Water Basics – Know the Facts on Purified Water

This is your 5 step action guide to reduce your chances of getting sick, become an eco friendly water user, save your money.

We have a problem with bottled water.

It has been estimated bottled water companies make a staggering $11.2 billion dollars a year with little regulation, which means any given bottle of water can be filled with contaminants such as E-coli.

Moreover, the bottles themselves موارد are non degradable plastic and continue to pile up in our landfills, harming our planet.

Not surprisingly the water bottle industry is not an eco-friendly water source.

What does this have to do with you?

If you are a consumer of bottled water you can get sick, and not even know the cause of your illness because bottled water has no requirement to test their product.

Each time you purchase bottled water you are at risk of swallowing contaminants is high.

You would hope the industry takes every necessary pre-caution to make sure their product is contaminant free before it goes out on the trucks, and trains for delivery. After all your healthy body is important to keep healthy.

The energy production of water delivery to the consumer costs include pumping the water to the production plant to filter the water, molding the plastic into a bottle, pumping the water into the bottle, putting on the truck or train for delivery and using gasoline to transport. You can see the massive amount of energy work it takes to get bottled water to the shelf and in the hands of consumers.

Once all this is done- the waste product is that pesky plastic bottle tossed into our landfill. And the cycle starts all over again.

What can you do to become and eco-friendly water user?

First, we are not going to solve the larger problem of bottled water. We are going to show how you can significantly reduce your risk to bottle water contaminants. This will allow you to continue your healthy lifestyle.

Step 1. Stop buying packaged water and start saving your dollars for a truly healthy alternative. You just gave yourself a small raise to start saving.

Step 2. Bring water with you in a reusable jug/bottle. This saves you money and time. Your money stays in your pockets because you have not spent it on bottled water. You save yourself time because you are not in the store.

Step 3. Many refrigerators come with a filter water door. Do yourself a favor and use the water filter instead of buying bottle water. Water filtration is a good alternative to bottled water because your refrigerator that you bought has it built into the door.

Step 4. Begin researching how much you want to spend on a water filtration system for your abode. That is, educate yourself on your preference of how to get your dose of healthy, clean water in your body.

Step 5. Enjoy the health of good clean water without damaging the environment. You deserve the health benefits clean water provides you. Enjoy your life with clean water without the negative impact on the environment.

It’s your choice

If you are drinking bottled water you are not really helping yourself. You are contributing to the massive amount of waste and you are putting yourself at risk for getting sick.

You can go green by changing your lifestyle while being economically sensitive to your spending. You can stay healthy while serving yourself some good, clean water without spending more money.