Prophet Certifications: What Is the Difference

At the point when Oracle initially made their certification program, there was a solitary assignment and shortening: Oracle Certified Professional (abridged OCP). Notwithstanding, quite a long while back, the organization broke out the program into four unique degrees of certification, each with its own title and condensing. This article talks about every one of the levels and a portion of the contrasts between what they mean and what is needed to achieve them.  More info

OCA – Oracle Certified Associate

The Oracle Certified Associate is a section level certification. Prophet Education focuses on these certifications for people simply getting comfortable with Oracle or with one to two years of involvement with the tried region. For applicants that have accomplished this certification without any work insight, the assumption is that they have exhibited information on the basics and can be required to perform acceptably under oversight.

By and large OCA certifications require just that an applicant breeze through two exams and have no additional prerequisites. The tests for the OCA-level certifications will in general cover an expansive scope of themes to a shallow profundity. The objective of the exams is to guarantee that the applicants have a fundamental comprehension of the highlights in the tried region and how to apply them.

OCP – Oracle Certified Professional

The Oracle Certified Professional assignment is the subsequent stage up for up-and-comers that have accomplished the OCA certification. Prophet Education focuses on these certifications for people that have three to five years of involvement working with Oracle in the tried region who can perform most activities unaided. The certification isn’t actually proposed for competitors that have no Oracle work insight. Up-and-comers that have done as such will have exhibited a more profound information on the essentials in the space being affirmed and might have the option to work without oversight.

OCP certifications expand on the Oracle Certified Associate even out and necessitate that an applicant breeze through a couple of exams past the OCA prerequisite. A portion of the OCP-level certifications additionally have an involved preparing prerequisite. The tests for the OCP-level certifications will in general limited the scope of themes marginally and require more inside and out information to reply. The objective of the exams is to guarantee that the up-and-comers have a careful comprehension of the tried points and can utilize them effectively.

OCE – Oracle Certified Expert

The Oracle Certified Expert assignment is the oddball. In one sense it is the subsequent stage up from the OCP-level, however it is outside the progression of certifications altogether. OCE exams target specialty aptitude regions. They are planned to show a serious level of capability in an exceptionally restricted branch of knowledge. These certifications help to characterize an applicant’s space of specialization. It isn’t a stage in the OCA-OCP-OCM level, yet it assists with developing an OCA or OCP certification.


OCE certifications require a solitary test and have no pre-requisites or involved preparing prerequisites. The trial of master certifications cover an extremely tight region to a critical profundity  Cerification. The aim of the tests is to exhibit that the applicant has critical mastery around there.