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Aussies are often used in various dog sports, including agility, obedience, and herding trials. While the other dogs walked up the stairs effortlessly, King couldn’t even get past the second step, as he repeatedly fell through the gap instead. Since it was posted on October 25, the video has been viewed more than 22 million times and received over 4 million likes in a matter of days. However, their enthusiasm, energy, and intelligence make them easy to train for the right owner. With proper training and plenty of effort, time, and patience on your part, you’ll end up with a wonderful companion for many years.

If necessary, you need to have another person to hold your dog while you groom him. Professional groomers usually charge between $10 to $100 for one grooming session. You can expect the cost of grooming your fluffy Shep to be somewhere in the middle or towards the higher end. If they are difficult to handle during grooming, your groomer might charge you extra, considering the additional work. We have researched the costs of owning an Australian Shepherd, which we explore below. Please remember that these figures are estimates, and exact prices depend on factors such as location and family circumstances.

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The very first thing you wanna look for is their herding behavior. They can herd any kind of farm animals, just like Border collies. They have large eyes, and all Aussies don’t have multi-color eyes. This condition (When they have a different color in each eye or different colors in the same look) is called heterochromia. Before we get into the article, I want to share with you several crucial points that you have to keep in mind when buying a new Aussie. Which is there are tons of scam breeders out there who are capable of deceiving any person. Whether you’re getting an Aussie puppy or a grown one, there are always several essential things you need to consider.

This sound occurring at the exact moment of completion clearly communicates to your dog that they did what you were asking them to do. This training can be more successful than simply giving treats as a reward for any number of previous actions.


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Bissell’s ICONpet Edge vacuum is perfect for general vacuuming and getting those hard-to-reach areas like windowsills, room corners, underneath furniture, etc. It includes several attachments to help clean up the dog hair on your stairs, hardwood floors, and everywhere in between.

How Big Do Australian Shepherds Get? A Comprehensive Guide to Their Size and Growth

In cold weather, they may enjoy playing in the snow, but it’s essential to ensure they don’t get too cold and to check their paws for ice build-up. Australian Shepherds excel in obedience training and can learn a wide array of commands and tricks. Training should be consistent, challenging, and fun, incorporating positive reinforcement to keep them engaged. Socialization is an important part of an Australian Shepherd’s exercise routine.

Aussies are smart and energetic dogs who are eager to please and need mental stimulation. When your Australian Shepherd is a puppy, it’s important to exercise both their brain and body. Tess (left) is a five-year-old Terrier mix who lives in Santa Monica with Ozzy, a four-year-old Australian Shepherd mix. Their family set up a dog behavior training session to stop Ozzy from being fearful of the family’s father and unknown men, barking and submissively urinating. The family also wanted me to work with Tess who has a few potty training issues (accidents in the house) and bosses Ozzy around at times. Comb the fur outwards and away from the skin so that you don’t scratch your pet.

An Australian Shepherd can make an amazing pet for many people, but others might not be able to manage their abundance of energy. A lack of appropriate training can even lead to a few of these dogs being surrendered to a rescue group. Redirection is another option to try instead of using the “sit” verbal cue. Once your Aussie starts the herding body language, take your dog outside immediately for running and playtime. Since Aussies are herding dogs, they will herd everything that they can, which can include people and animals in your home and cars and bikes outside. This can be dangerous for your dog, and your children might not enjoy the dog constantly nipping at their heels. It’s quite easy for untrained Australian Shepherds to get into mischief.

This leads to pigmentations of different colors, thus giving them two different colored eyes. Aussies will not aim to harm but will circle around the people they are protecting to shield them from whatever they perceive as danger. Another great quality about the Aussies is that they can be trained to identify friendly people and sounds and not attack at instigation.

One of the best that breeders and owners alike claim is the best is the Furminator. This great brush gets those undercoat hairs that can remain under the outer layer and create problems as well as get rid of the guard layer’s loose hairs. Australian Shepherds are a popular breed among families seeking an active and loyal companion. While Aussies are often regarded as one of the easier breeds to train, there are a few things to keep in mind when raising an Australian Shepherd.