Creating a Good Teen Model Portfolio

A casting service is a mix between an agency and a do-it-yourself job search. is an example of a site that is strictly a casting service. There are many others and all offer different levels of service and features. Some act as modeling communities with a focus on networking while others are more of a job board without any extra bells and whistles.

The advantage to using such a service Jane Rubin is the time savings. Many busy models may not have the time to check the hundreds of places that offer modeling jobs daily, trying to stay on top of every opportunity may take many hours and you would have to search through countless of castings you have no interest in just to find the few you do.

A casting service does all the leg work for you. Their network and employees spend all day calling photographers, casting directors, etc. to find work for their members and then they email the members and tell them about the jobs. Casting directors also go directly to their site that lists all members and uses the online portfolios to cast their projects.

A casting service is a great option for models who either do not have an agency or do not want to sit around waiting for the agency to find a job for them. The casting service sends the model a list of jobs she requested and then the model submits her portfolio to the jobs she selects. It’s a good way for the model to get her self out there and get all the work she can. The casting service does not take any fee from any jobs the model books.

The way the casting service is paid is with an annual fee for service that is very reasonable. Many models wonder why there is a fee. Well, it is a business that has 100’s of employees making calls to casting agents trying to find work for its members. Those people need to be paid and since they do not act like an agency in taking money from a booking, they charge a small service fee, typically less than $1 per day.

Most casting services offer various levels of service and free trials. A model can use the free trial to see if the service offers anything they like as well as get a chance to put up a portfolio, explore the job boards and interact with others before making a decision on whether the service is a good fit for her or not.