Cleaning Your Beauty Tools

Before you begin doing makeup on yourself, you need to know the right tools. With good tools, you can control the amount of colour you want, blend the colours and correct minor mistakes. Even the finest cosmetics will look streaky when applied with poor applicators.

Do try to buy only natural hair brushes. Natural hair is gentle to your face, lasts longer, maintains its shape and allows you to control the application. The weight of natural hair also gives a brush the best balance. Pony, goat, sable, camel and squirrel hairs are the most commonly used in brushes.

Eyeliner Brush

Thin thin, fine tipped brush is used derma roller wet to apply cake eyeliner or to turn your eyeshadow into an eyeliner. Select a brush made of sable so it is resilient, not too soft, and holds its point. If you have blemishes, you can buy a second brush and use it to dot cover stick on the problem spots for extra coverage after foundation has been applied.

Eyeshadow Sponge

An eyeshadow sponge will apply shadow more heavily than the brush, so it is best for applying light to medium colours or any shadows where you want more coverage. A clean sponge is also great for blending stubborn edges, erasing mistakes or for smudging eyeliner to soften its effect. Eye sponges
are not expensive, so you will want to have several. Be sure the applicator is made of cosmetic grade sponge which is smooth to the touch. If the sponge looks very porous or is scratchy, do not buy it.

Eyeshadow Brush

This fluff brush is a miniature version of your blusher brush. The same shape and hair, it will give you a light application of eyeshadow, and is especially good for dark colours where you do not want too much. You will also use it for blending.

Blusher Brush

The blusher brush is one of your most important tools. Smaller than the powder brush but similar in shape and composition, it is used to apply and blend your blusher. This brush ideally should contain some sable, as sable has enough body to help ‘move’ the blusher where you want it on your cheek. Correct placement of your blusher is vital, so please do not skimp on the quality of your blusher brush.