Aperitif Hybrid Tea Rose

China is responsible for bringing this type of tea into the world. A certain kind of plant called Camellia Sinensis is what is used to bring blooming tea balls  you all kinds of tea through distinct oxidization processes. The leaves are dried under the hot sun and then curled and twisted into unique shapes. Most oolong types, the ones of finer standards, involve some plant cultivars for better results. The degree of fermentation can be anywhere from 8% to 85%. This time it takes depends on the type of oolong that you want. This type is very popular and is enjoyed by tea connoisseurs all over the world.

Oolong tea that has been through a semi-oxidization process can be classified as blue-green tea. This type of tea has a wide range of tastes and characteristics. Some types have honey aromas and are sweet to the taste while some give off a woody flavor, exuding roasted aromas. Oolong can also be fresh and green in taste, infused with aromatic and flowery scents. The techniques used in production greatly affect these properties. Many sub-categories for oolong have also been popping up, including types that are harvested from the Wuyi Mountains and from the central mountains of Taiwan. These types are considered to be some of the best in the world.

Oolong tea variants are made by varying the oxidization processes involved. Oolong leaves are also shaped into two types. Some can be rolled into long and curly leaves and others are wrapped and curled into circular beads with a tiny tail. The curly type is more traditional between the two. The name Oolong comes from a Chinese phrase which translates to black dragon tea.

Oolong tea is popularly scented with jasmine blooms. This flower is hand-picked and steamed along with the tea leaves to retain its fragrance. Green tea leaves go through a similar process, but the steaming time lengthens the process of oxidization involved with oolong. That is where the difference happens. Also, Jasmine flowers only blossom at night so the plucking is done in the morning hours and tossed in with the oolong leaves for steaming at night. This is to capture their peak blooming time.

No matter which type of tea you choose, all variants come from the Camellia Sinensis with the same properties. The only difference is the taste and aroma. All kinds of tea are healthy for you, so drink a cup today.